Impian Kingdom

Horror, disgust, and shock are things one feels when seeing the advance of an Impian army. Comprised of living corpses, freakish monsters, and vile mortals the ranks of the Impian nation could make anyones skin cringe.

Impian Kingdom
Uber Units
Necronomicannon 91 Points
Unique Units
Helligstad's Fallen 72 Points
High Necromancer Mortimis Kast 65 Points
Mummy King 64 Points
Lifestealer 34 Points
Normal Units
Bound Machina Spirit 83 Points
Devourer 68 Points
Flesheater Scarabs 35 Points
Ghoul 15/23/23 Points
Insatiable Zombies 50 Points
Patchwork Golem 59 Points
Skeleton Archers 62 Points
Skeleton Warriors 60 Points
Spirit of Sorrow 68 Points
Tomb Guardians 62 Points
Unearthed Mammoth 67 Points
Virulent Ghouls 42 Points

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