Hailing from all over the world of Papercraft, Mercenaries are warriors for higher, willing to fight for any cause as long as the price is right. Many nations employ mercenaries to fill their ranks with soldiers that fit into roles their native fighters can't fufill.

Uber Units
Ouroboros 94 Points
Deepblade Guild Assassin 95 Points
Unique Units
Artificer Hanabi 79 Points
Cervantes Christobel 57 Points
Earth Channeler Marianna 58 Points
Gaspard, Der Freischütz 60 Points
Storm Channeler Cruize 57 Points
Titan Hunters 62 Points
Normal Units
Aid Wagon 40 Points
Alchemic Abomination 62 Points
Alchemist's Soldiers 43 Points
Artifragment 16/22/24 Points
Barbed Baricades 25 Points
Corpse Hound 46 Points
Hammer Knights 42 Points
Handgunners 55 Points
Heavy Bowgunners 40 Points
Light Cannon 73 Points
Long-barrel Marksman 51 Points
Mage Knights 42 Points
Outpost Tower 80 Points
Shieldwall Phalanx 41 Points
Shock Troops 47 Points
Spellslingers 56 Points
Soldiers of Fortune 42/36 Points

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