Nadare Dynasty

The followers of the Nadare Dynasty use steam power generated from hot springs dotting the Setsugen region to create livable conditions in their harsh and snowy homeland. Using the knowledge of steam mechanics amassed over the years the Nadare people have created weapons of war to defend themselves against invaders.

Nadare Dynasty
Uber Units
Warmachine Hyoga 245 Points
Unique Units
Ashou, War Machinist 55 Points
Hito, Mouth of the Dragon 53 Points
Normal Units
Armored Tiger 55 Points
Divining Astrolabe 50 Points
Dragonfly Cavalry 58 Points
Elite Machine Pilot 38 Points
Master Star-reader 34 Points
Shrine of Protection 55 Points
Steam Dragons 61 Points
Steam Powered Rail Gun 86 Points
Warmachine Maku 63 Points
Warmachine Otoro 135 Points
Yumi Archers 55 Points

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