Saurid Tribes

When the island of Mese'ta was discovered by Rengorian explorers they found many tribes of intelligent, dinosaur like beings. To stave of the intruders the tribes banded together and drove out their adversary. Realizing they were far more powerful together than they could ever be apart the tribes forged permanent treaties with each other. To this day these Saurid Tribes have yet to be bested on their home island no matter how many heroes opposing empires send to their shores.

Saurid Tribes
Uber Units
King of Thousands 140 Points
Unique Units
Bloodstained Shrine 45 Points
Normal Units
Bonecrusher 60 Points
Bonecrusher Trainer 17 Points
Dromak'tu Alpha 54 Points
Dromak'tu Hunter 45 Points
Dromak'tu Pack 47 Points
Dromak'tu Stalker 35 Points
Dromak'tu Trapper 40 Points
Sleeping Temmin Tortoise 83 Points
Sun Priest 48 Points
Ti'tanos with Howdah 95 Points
Verdant Guard 70 Points

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