This grouping of units are not a nation. In fact they most likely have nothing in common except for the fact that they are not under the control of any particular nation. They come from every corner of the world and fit into just about any army.

Uber Units
Elder Light Dragon 95 Points
Golden Hind 91 Points
Nemean Lion 67 Points
Lernaean Hydra 73 Points
Unique Units
Animosity 65 Points
Beetle King 50 Points
Ursadon Major 45 Points
Wandering Barbarian 62 Points
Normal Units
Ancient Treant 64 Points
Anti-Mage 34 Points
Atlas Bear 42 Points
*Blastoise 51 Points
Chaotic Animus 87 Points
*Charizard 51 Points
Cloud Dragon 66 Points
Dirge Bats 48 Points
Formiomancer 50 Points
Gargantuan Rockbreaker Crab 62 Points
Granite Dragon 65 Points
Hellforge Golem 31 Points
Kalian Manticore 80 Points
Mingleman's Giant Owl 54 Points
Quartz Golem 50 Points
Sagestone Golem 54 Points
Sapling 30 Points
Seedling N/A Points
Ursadon Warrior 42 Points
*Venusaur 51 Points
Vicarisite 48 Points
Wendigo 55 Points
Will o' Wights 50 Points

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