Something Titanic This Way Comes

This is where the new scenario will go.

400 Points
Living, Titan
HP = 320
Movement = 5"

Ophidian Scales
Dodge Bonus = +0
Armor = None

Ominous Maw
Type = Piercing
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +2
Damage = 4D6 +4

Tail Swipe*
Type = Slashing
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = 1D6 +5

Special Abilities
Bite Down = Leviathan's enormous mouth is so large that most things it can bite, it can swallow. In place of attacking, if a unit was hit by Leviathan's Ominous Maw attack last turn, Leviathan may make another Ominous Maw attack on it without needing to roll to hit.

Saltwater Surge = Leviathan can summon the fury of the oceans to overwhelm its foes with a swell of briny seawater. In place of moving and attacking, Leviathan can damage all other units for 1D6 energy damage and heal 1D6 HP. Leviathan may not use Saltwater Surge if it was used last turn.

*Tail Swipe = Leviathan's tail is so large that it can take out several enemies with one swift moment. Leviathan's Tail Swipe attack may target up to 5 enemies per turn. When rolling to hit use only one roll to determine the To Hit number for all attacks (e.g. If a 4 is rolled the add the +2 hit bonus and all targeted enemies must defend against a 6.)

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