Unit:Artemis Sentry

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Artemis Sentry
62 Points
Mechanical, Large Unit
HP = 28
Movement = 6"

Iron Armor
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Heavy

Arrow Battery
Type = Piercing
Range = 18"
Hit Bonus = +2
Damage = 2D6 +3

Special Abilities
Spark of Heron = This unit has been constructed by the ancient civilization of Heron.

Mechanical Efficiency = The Artemis Sentry has been built with exacting precision, allowing it to shoot much faster than human archers. Artemis Sentry may make 3 separate attacks against the same unit per turn.

Reconnoissance = The Heronite automatons share critical information about targets. Artemis Sentry gains +1 Hit bonus against units in melee range with other units having the Spark of Heron ability.

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