unit:Ashou, War Machinist

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Ashou, War Machinist
55 Points
Living, Character
HP = 34
Movement = 6"

Steam Shield
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Heavy

Type = Slashing
Range = melee
Hit Bonus = +2
Damage = 2d6+3

Special Abilities
Heat Sword, Muramatsu = Whenever Ashou, War Machinist attacks, his sword releases a cloud of steam, reducing the attacked unit's attack bonus by 1 next turn.

War Machine Enhancements = Ashou can repair or improve war machines in the midst of combat. In place of attacking, Ashou can heal a mechanical unit in melee range 1d6+5 hp or increase the unit's hit and dodge bonus by 1 until the end of this turn.

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