unit:Bound Machina Spirit

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Bound Machina Spirit
83 Points
Mechanical, Large Unit
HP = 56
Movement = 8"
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Heavy

Ghostflame Shells
Type = Magic
Range = 6"
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = 3d6+6*

Special Abilities
Ghostly Steam = Whenever Bound Machina Spirit attacks, ethereal steam hisses from every opening, burning all units within 1" for 1d6+3 energy damage. (Roll once, all units take the same amount)

Many times in the fights between man and the Impian forces, vehicle wrecks scatter the battlefield. When Impian necromancers happen upon ones with their crew trapped within, they perform a binding ritual, imprisoning and corrupting the tortured souls within vehicle. The souls reshape and awaken their machine, turning it into a mishapen, horrific killing tool for the Impian forces.

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