unit:Chaotic Animus

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Chaotic Animus
87 Points
Magic, Large Unit
HP = 46
Movement = 3d6" (Roll for each movement)

Chaotic Forces
Dodge Bonus = +0
Armor = Magic

Chaotic Forces
Type = N/A
Range = 10"
Hit Bonus = +(1d6-1) (Roll attack roll first, then add the hit bonus roll for the attack total)
Damage = Special*

Special Abilities
Nature of Chaos = Whenever Chaotic Animus is hit by an attack or when it hits with its Chaotic Forces attack, roll a d6 and refer to the following list for the effect:
(Affected unit refers to the unit that attacked Chaotic Animus or the unit Chaotic Animus attacked)
1: Chaotic Animus takes 2d6 damage.
2: Affected unit takes 3d6 energy damage.
3: All units in 6" range of Affected unit take 2d6 energy damage. (Roll once, all units take the same amount)
4: Affected unit and Chaotic Animus heal 3d6 HP.
5: You may move Chaotic Animus 3d6".
6: Affected unit and Chaotic Animus take 1d6 energy damage. Roll again. If this effect is rolled again, instead the Chaotic Animus Collapses. See below.

Collapse = When two 6's are rolled in a row for the effect of Nature of Chaos, the Chaotic Animus collapses in on itself, releasing massive amounts of destructive energy. The Chaotic Animus is destroyed, and all units within 10" of it take 4d6 energy damage and are moved 2" away from where Chaotic Animus Collapsed.

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