This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

68 Points
Undead, Large Unit
HP = 46
Movement = 8"
Dodge Bonus = +2
Armor Type = None

Grasping Claws
Type = Slashing
Range = melee
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = *

Special Abilities
Consume Whole = Whenever the Devourer hits a unit with 10 or less HP, it pulls the weakened unit into its mouth, killing it instantly and healing the devourer 10 HP; the devoured unit leaves no corpse. Units with more than 10 HP that are killed from the Devourer's normal attack also leave no corpse and heal the Devourer 10 HP. This healing can bring the devourer over its listed max HP. This ability does not apply when attacking buildings.

Unholy Strength* = The Devourer derives power from what it eats. Its Grasping Claws attack deals 1d6 damage for every 10 HP the devourer has, minimum of 1d6. (Ex. At 35 HP a devourer deals 3d6, but at 50 HP it deals 5d6)

Terrible stories tell of a new unholy abomination of the Impian Armies. No one knows what the Devourers were, but all they are now is a bottomless void. They look like very tall muscular humans with dark gray skin, very broad shoulders, long arms and no head or neck. Almost gorilla like in appearance, they walk on clawed feet and the knuckles of their arms, except when tearing at their victims. The rib cage juts outward becoming a gaping maul to the abyssal stomach of the beast. When anything moves nearby a Devourer will immediately claw at what it percieves to be food, tearing at it until it can firmly drag what is left of the object or being into its stomach. In reality they will eat anything that moves, whether it be a wild animal, helpless soldier, or even a warmachine. Every kill adds to the deathly energies that drive the devourers, making it even more fearsome. If they are not destroyed quickly devourers become unstoppable forces of the unholy. It is speculated that some very strong necromancer is controlling the devourers, only because they do not consume the walking dead that they fight with, but they don't hesitate to destroy any other undead they come across.

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