unit:Granite Dragon

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Granite Dragon
65 Points
Living, Large Unit
HP = 48
Movement = 8"

Stone Skin
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Heavy

Stone Maw
Type = Piercing
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +4
Damage = 2D6 + (3 Energy Damage)

Special Abilities
Underground Ambush = The Granite Dragon is an incredible burrower. It burrows and waits to strike, ambushing it's target. At the beginning of the game you may choose to not place Granite Dragon. At the end of your first turn you may place Granite Dragon anywhere within 24" from your edge of the battlefield.

Petrified Remains = When the Granite Dragon dies, its superheated core cools, hardening its body completely. Whenever Granite Dragon dies no abilities may affect its corpse, Granite Dragons corpse also blocks line of sight.

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