unit:Hades Incinerator

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Hades Incinerator
49 Points
Mechanical, Character
HP = 16
Movement = 8"

Heat Resistant Plating
Dodge Bonus = +2
Armor = Light

Dual Flame-throwers
Type = Energy
Range = 3" (melee)
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = 2D6 +2

Special Abilities
Spark of Heron = This unit has been constructed by the ancient civilization of Heron.

Heat Resistant Plating = The Hades Incinerator unit was designed to resist the high heat expelled from its flame-throwers. This plating also help resist energy attacks. When Hades Incinerator is dealt energy damage, that damage is reduced by 5 to a minimum of 1.

Incinerate Corpse = The Hades Incinerator's primary objective is to clear battlefields of the dead by burning them where they lay. In place of attacking, remove any corpses of living units within 3" of Hades Incinerator.

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