unit:Helligstad's Fallen

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Helligstad's Fallen
72 Points
Undead, Infantry
HP = 46
Movement = 8"

Corroded Plate
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Heavy

Desecrated Claymores
Type = Slashing
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +4
Damage = 3d6+3

Special Abilities
Twisted Faith = Whenever a living, undead, or magic unit dies within 10" of Helligstad's Fallen, Helligstad's Fallen heals 1d6 HP.

Unique = You may only have 1 Helligstad's Fallen in your army.

Helligstad was a small town, but housed and trained some of the best, most devote soldiers of Rengora. They were not as close to the larger cities so their job was to protect outlying farmers and villagers from the wandering dead. They were the first and only line of defense for these people until word for reinforcements could reach other troops. With such limited man power the standard roles of battle priests and inquistorial warriors had to be combined. Each warrior was trained a priest and every priest a warrior. It was the only way they could match the forces of the Walking Dead.

That is until the seige began. When Impian troops rushed the first country sides all were slaughtered, and raised to joined the destructive wake. Helligstad tried to send out troops to the remaining villages, but the legions of undead were to great. They pushed the valiant warriors back to the Gates of Helligstad. Wave after wave of what used to be the very people they were devoted to protect now assualted the defenders. Their entire town was quickly surrounded. The beasts piling up as they endlessly tear at the defenders and the gates. Tireless, the undead were wearing down the great warriors. All it took was one crack, not much more than a splintered hole in a gate, and the ghouls burst through, flooding the streets and swarming the buildings. Walking over a carpet of death were the wretched necromancers and sorcerers that lead the ghouls. None stood a chance once the defenses were breached. The mighty Helligstad had collapsed under the weight of death. The stronger necromancers took special interest in the courageous, and valiant warriors of Helligstad. The greatest were raised into unholy warriors, their devotion corrupted and their power turned to serve those they fought against.

The Fall of Helligstad was the first major loss at the hands of the Impian forces that Rengora experienced. It was not the last though, as Helligstad's Fallen warriors mercilessly lead the dead to greater victories against their former comrades.

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