unit:Knight Templar St. Grayson

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Knight Templar St. Grayson
77 Points
Living, Character
HP = 32
Movement = 8"
Dodge Bonus = +2
Armor Type = Heavy

Holy Claymore
Type = Slashing
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = 3d6

Special Abilities
Holy Burst = On a roll of 6 to hit, Grayson releases a burst of energy, dealing 2d6 damage to enemies within 6" and healing allies in the same area an equal amount.

Miraclulous Recovery = Once per game, in place of attacking, Grayson can sacrifice half his current life to restore a living unit's corpse in melee range to HP equal to the amount sacrificed.

Rightgeous Fervor = While Grayson's health is at 10 or less, his hit chance becomes +4 and holy burst's damage and healing is increased to 3d6.

Unique = You may only have 1 Knight Templar St. Grayson in your army.

Grayson's swings crackle with brilliant yellow energy. More soon…

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