Master Star-reader

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games. NPS

Master Star-reader
34 Points
Living, Character
HP = 12
Movement = 12"
Dodge Bonus = +2
Armor Type = None

Book of the Stars
Type = Bludgeon
Range = melee
Hit Bonus = +1
Damage = 1D6

Special Abilities
Star Reading = Once per turn you may reroll all dice of one roll.

Scholars, scientists, sorcerors and philosophers were all brought together within the Dynasty to form a research division. One such technique created from the great minds was Astrology, the prediction and manipulation of events to come based on celestial bodies. Star readers have since been sent into the front lines, providing great foresight for the Nadare forces, more than once swaying a battle to their advantage.

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