unit:Shaman of Quakes

Shaman of Quakes

41 Points
Living, Character (2" x 2")
HP = 22
Movement = 8"

Petrified Bark
Dodge Bonus = +1
Armor = Light

Petrified Staff
Type = Bludgeoning
Range = Melee
Hit Bonus = +3
Damage = 1D6 +4

Special Abilities
Split Earth = The Shaman of Quakes opens up a chasm in the earth swallowing up units. Place a large unit template within 6" of the Shaman of Quakes, Units underneath the template cannot move, attack, or use special abilities this turn, they also cannot be the targets of attacks or special abilities.

Unit Description
Shamen of Quakes are calm, and wise beings. Always willing to settle conflict with words rather than might, the earth worshippers are the most peaceful of the Cimmerian divisions. When words fail to resolve situations, however, Shamen of Quakes have incredible destructive power at their disposal. Calling the powers of the earth they shift and move the planet's crust with ease and control.
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