unit:Shrine of Protection

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Shrine of Protection
55 Points
Building, Small Building
HP = 30
Movement = n/a
Dodge Bonus = +0
Armor Type = Fortified


Special Abilities
Safe Interior = The space within the heavy walls of the shrine can block incoming attacks for troops while still allowing some capacity to return fire. One infantry or large unit, or two characters may enter the shrine if they are in melee range at the start of the turn. Units inside the shrine can not be choosen as targets for abilities or attacks. Once the shrine is destroyed, any unit within the shrine is forced out, to any location in melee range of the shrine. These units take 2d6 damage.

Shielded Ports = Units within the shrine may make attacks and use abilities that have atleast 1" range.

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