Warmachine Otoro

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games. NPS

Warmachine Otoro
135 Points
Mechanical, Large Unit
HP = 100
Movement = 4"
Dodge Bonus = +0
Armor Type = Fortified

Steel Arm
Type = Bludgeon
Range = 1"(melee)
Hit Bonus = +2
Damage = 4D6 +15*

Special Abilities
Wear and Tear = When Warmachine Otoro deals damage with its steel arm attack, it takes damage equal to one half the damage of the attack.

Fire Rockets = Once per game, in place of attacking, Warmachine Otoro can launch rockets at all enemies within 12". Rockets hit on a 4+ and deal 2d6+5 energy damage. (Roll hit and damage for each unit) If the rockets are not used and Warmachine Otoro is destroyed, rockets are immediately launched at all units within 12".

The first "mass produced" warmachine of Nadare(it is still rare to see more than one at any given time), Otoro are hulking bipedal walkers, covered with rounded sheets of steel. Each stands about 15' tall, with a large central torso that contains the main workings of its mechanics and power, and a pair of stout but powerful arms and legs attached to it. Since Otoro are the early generation, they aren't quite as hardy as the newer models; so they are in need of frequent maintenance to keep them from breaking down. Despite these flaws the Otoro are fearsome on the battle field. They lumber into the fray, bashing opponents as they make their way to the center of a skirmish, only to unleash a barrage of explosive rockets into the surrounding enemies. The rockets can be somewhat unpredicatable though, massive damage has been known to send unused rockets in all directions, with no distinction of friend or foe.

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