unit:Windshear Primal

This unit is still in testing. It should not be used in official games

Windshear Primal
65 Points
Magic, Character
HP = 20
Movement = 14"

Dodge Bonus = +4
Armor = None

Type = Magic
Range = 6"
Hit Bonus = +2
Damage = 1d6+2

Special Abilities
Insubstantial = The Windshear Primal may move through non-building enemy units but it may not end its movement overlaping another unit.

Gale = By concentrating all of its energy, the Windshear Primal can cut its way through lines of troops. In place of attacking, the Windshear Primal may move up to one half its movement in a straight line. It may make an attack on every enemy unit it passes over, but the Primal takes 2 damage for each attack made.

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